Cork Tree Grips in Golf Monthly

Of all the clubs in the bag putters offer the widest variety of styles, designs and lengths but until recently putter grips had been pretty conventional. With the rise of popularity of oversized grips such as the Super Stroke used by current Masters and U. S. Open... read more

Corktree in Canadian Golf Magazine

Oversize grips are all the rage not only on the PGA Tour, but also at the local country clubs — and the hype is real. I’ve been using large putter grips for the past 4 years and I’ve seen improvements in my putting, especially under pressure. These grips are designed... read more

Gift idea from Bunker’s Paradise

IGolf is the best sport in the world for personal expression. With designer clothes, flashy colors, exuberant ball markers and shoes with tassels, there’s plenty of ways to show off your personality — and the latest golf item to get the designer treatment is putter... read more

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2015

Fathers day review from These putter grips are made of cork and are quickly gaining popularity. Cork has proven to be a perfect complement to a leather grip, providing many benefits like removing tension, enhancing distance control, and improving playability... read more

Club Up Golf Review

Cork putter grips. It’s not something that you see every day, but it’s something that sticks with you when you do see it. There are plenty of options when it comes to custom putters — heck, there is even a huge market for custom putter covers. But, when it comes to... read more

Slim Jim Putter Review

We love to find products that tick all the right boxes, and CorkTree Putter Grips certainly do that. They are eye catching, innovative, look fantastic and feel brilliant. The unique design, style and concept of the CorkTree brand really sets them apart from many... read more

Cork Tree in Anything Golf

See CorkTree featured in the biggest Korean-American golf publication in the industry has highlighted the Cork Tree Putter grips in its May issue.  Golf Champion ( Golf Korea) is distributed throughout the Korean-American golf community across the U,S and is also... read more

Cork Tree in Anything Golf

I recently recieved a Cork Tree Putter Grip, and I loved it so much I put it on my putter right away. The first thing you notice is that it is cork. I got the Stumpy version and it looks like other large grips, but it is much more effective. The cork leather provides... read more

2015 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Looking for a golf-related gift for dad this Father’s Day? We’ve got you covered with a number of options at a variety of prices. See Cork Putter grips featured Here Article courtesy of PGA, view original article at... read more

2015 PGA Show – Top Ten Golf Products

With the advent of new high tech materials and smaller sized micro chips, most products today have evolved into miniaturizations of themselves eliminating extra weight and increasing user friendliness. These were some of the very best and most useful products we saw... read more

Bunker Shot Review

Cork’s honeycomb cell structure is key. Each cell is a 14-sided polyhedron filled with air, making it an extremely strong and flexible membrane that’s waterproof and airtight. Cork bark is about 89% air, giving it a low density. But when it’s compressed, air isn’t... read more

Southern Golf Review

  The folks at Cork Tree Putter Grips have taken the cork putter grip and married it to a polyurethane or EVA core to give a truly unique feel and look. This is going to be quite a bit different than the Salty Grip we have reviewed before. Where Salty Grips are... read more

Golf Unfiltered

Specifications The Cork Tree Putter Grips are made from — you guessed it — cork! The company’s patented mix of cork and polyurethane create a truly unique putter grip available in four different gauges: the Bandit, Gimmie, Slim Jim and Stumpy. The cork used for every... read more

Golf Balled Review

Golf has always been an industry where products are continuously being re-invented to better the game, make the game more fun and make it easier to play. Different manufacturing techniques and materials are always being tested and refined to ensure the new technology... read more

Equip2Golf Review

Cork Tree Putter Grips (2015). There is a new material being used to manufacture putter grips – cork. The harvesting of cork is a fascinating Eco-friendly story. The country of Portugal produces more than 50% of the world’s cork production. The cork comes from the... read more

Putter Grip Technology

There’s a brand-new golf grip material quickly gaining popularity. The Cork Tree has debuted four new putter grips made of cork leather. Why cork? It’s proven to be the perfect complement to leather in a grip. Cork leather putter grips provide an overall user... read more

Golf Industria Spain

Los grips de corcho para putter Cork Tree están diseñados y son utilizados por jugadores profesionales que se ganan la vida jugando al golf. Actualmente hay más de veinte jugadores del PGA Tour jugando con el grip de corcho Cork Tree, incluyendo el ganador del... read more

Golf Buzz Review

The cork putter grip has a natural and soft feel. While using a putter with the grip on, the strike of the putt felt that there was a more dampening of the hit of the ball. Many fishing rods have cork grips, perhaps this is where the inspiration came from, but it is a... read more

Golf Shake Review

There’s a brand-new golf grip material that is proving a big hit and is not what you might think!  The Cork Tree has debuted four new putter grips made of cork leather in 2014. Why cork? It’s proven to be the perfect complement to leather in a grip. Cork... read more

Golf Guide Review

There is little doubt that putting is the biggest part of anyone’s golf game; after all, half the strokes that make up par on a championship length course come from the putting game. As a golf professional, how well you perform this part of your golf game each... read more

Golf Unfiltered Review

Cork Tree Putter Grip Review Durability Wet Grip Overall Feel Looks Value Summary: 4.3   Cork is starting to make a real presence among golfers for it’s water resistant properties, feel and the fact it just looks good. The folks at Cork Tree Putter Grips have... read more

Golf Unfiltered Review

Cork Tree Putter Grips offer golfers a unique, alternative grip option for players looking to breathe new life into the most important club in their bag. We recently had the chance to test out these grips and got a firsthand look at their feel, durability and... read more

Equipment Review: Cork Tree Putter Grips

While shopping for flooring recently, the benefits of cork were displayed throughout the home improvement warehouse – and for good reason. For years, cork has been lauded for its soft, forgiving properties. Now, for the same reasons as cork flooring is growing in... read more

From Corktree – The Best Kept Secret

here’s a brand-new golf grip material quickly gaining popularity. The Cork Tree has debuted four new putter grips made of cork leather. Why cork? It’s proven to be the perfect complement to leather in a grip. Cork leather putter grips provide an overall user... read more

From Corktree – The Best Kept Secret

Why cork? It’s proven to be the perfect complement to leather in a grip. Cork leather putter grips provide an overall user experience that cannot be achieved with any other putter grip material known to man. Cork is 100% natural, feels soft in the hands, and... read more

Golf Chicago Corktree Feature

View their online magazine at Article courtesy of Golf Chicago Magazine, view original article at... read more

Cork grips

View their online magazine at Article courtesy of Golf Today, view original article at... read more

Putting a Cork in My Putting…GRIP

I don’t change putter grips often but they do wear out once in a while, usually due to putting in and taking out of the golf bag.  Sometimes the grips just seem to die a slimy death, when the materials give way to the elements. I’m going to be testing a new putter... read more

That’s Not a Wine Bottle, It’s Your Putter!

The only time most golfers think of cork is when they sniff one that’s come out of a wine bottle (although that doesn’t apply to those of us who gravitate to vintages with screw-tops). That’s about to change. A Portuguese company, The Cork Tree, has... read more

We Tried It: Cork Tree Slim Jim Putter Grip

Product: Cork Tree Slim Jim Putter Grip Who tried it: Golf junkie and AmongMen contributor Mike Dojc Price: $29.95 Available: The Slim Jim is not as rail thin as the preserved deli meat sticks whose name it cleverly appropriates. It’s Cork Tree’s... read more

Novel Cork Grips Are No Mere Novelty

Breaking into the golf gear business is tougher than a rattlesnake that bites Chuck Norris and does not die in agony three days later, which is seriously freaking tough. After all, most every equipment-related idea imaginable has already been introduced. Major... read more

American Golfer – Cork Tree Grips

Mother Nature knows best, right? In an industry drunk on technology where every piece of golf equipment is engineered and manufactured by some computer program now comes a product that is grown on trees and is naturally superior to anything man made. Cork Tree putter... read more

Put a Cork On It

If you look at putter grips on the professional golf tours these days you will see more than just your standard putter grip from days past.  You will see fat grips, skinny grips and even cork grips.  You heard me correctly.  While cork grips aren’t necessarily new to... read more

Sustainable and eco-friendly: Cork Tree brand putter grips

Putters and putter design have been much in the golf news this year as the clock ticks down to the anchored putter ban that goes into effect as of Jan 1, 2016. One of the recent innovations that have come into the marketplace is the use of cork leather for putter... read more


As we’ve stated in other golfing product reviews, we receive a lot of unusual items to test and review.  Some are right on as to a new product we believe will be accepted and some we have a doubt that it may not make it.  The Cork Tree putter grip is one we... read more

Cork Putter Grips on Rocky Mountain Magazine

Most people associate cork with what they remove from a wine bottle or perhaps what they may have on the soles of their shoes, but who would’ve thought the natural material would work so effectively as a golf club grip? Nuno Nascimento and Marc Boggia,... read more

Cork Tree on Golf Talk Live

Hosted by Eddie Caiazzo as part of the GolfTalk Live radio show based in Philadelphia, PA. Now on ESPN Lehigh Valley! In the closet this month, SKIMP, WellPutt and Cork Tree “Stumpy” putter... read more

A Feeling Like No Other

ork Tree putter grips offer an innovation which will allow you to experience a tactile sensation provided by no other material. There is nothing more important than feel when stroking a putt and cork provides a 100% natural tactility in a low-density grip. Easy to... read more

Putting a Cork on It

There have been grips made from natural cow leather and ones made from synthetic alternatives. But cork leather? Nuno Nascimento owns a 1,200 plus-acre cork plantation in Portugal and says the natural properties of cork bark, which is nearly 90 percent air, make it... read more

Corktree on The Back Nine Report

The Very Important Guest (VIG) of the Week is Darren McEntee, Managing Director of Logic Technologies Ltd, Co-Founder iTrainer Golf and Cork Tree Ltd. Two true legends of the sport, Billy Casper and Charles Sifford, passed away last week. Co-hosts Fred Altvater and... read more


Our mission is to maximize your performance, increase your confidence and ultimately improve your putting stats whenever you play. We also want to contribute to a more eco-friendly world and cork leather offers this while adding functionality, durability and... read more


Our grips are designed and used by Championship-winning Tour professionals who make their living from playing golf. If Cork Tree grips are preferred by these elite players, why not try them for yourself today? Cork Tree putter grips provide an overall user experience... read more


The Cork Tree was founded by Nuno Nascimento. From an early age he went with his grandfather to the Portuguese family cork oak forest learning all the tricks that nature presents. Studying and testing the trees to find the best cork bark then transform them into cork... read more





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