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Can I fit Cork Tree grips the same way as most other rubber-based putter grips?

Yes, all Cork Tree putter grips can be fit the same way as traditional rubber-based putter grips. You can use double sided tape and tape-activating non alcohol-based solvent. We recommend Bramptons HF-100 a water based tape activator. Cork Tree grips can also be fitted using compressed air.

Are Cork Tree grips as easy to fit as rubber?

Yes. When fitting Cork Tree putter grips ensure you use new double-sided tape, plenty of solvent to activate the tape, along with plenty of solvent in the grip. NOTE: DO NOT bend the grip when starting it on the butt of the shaft.

Can I build up Cork Tree grips with extra layers of tape?

Yes. Cork Tree grips can be built up. We recommend a 2 layers of tape. Some putter shafts may also have a sharper taper where the shaft becomes very thin towards the collar end of the grip. We suggest adding extra layers of tape around the collar of the grip as required to ensure a snug fit.

 What core size putter grip should I use on a 0.600 butt putter shaft?

We recommend our putter grip models with a 13.5mm (0.530 inch) core. We recommend you place an extra layer of tape about 10.25 inch from the butt of the shaft to ensure a tight fit around the collar end of the grip.

Which putters have a 0.600 butt shaft?

Heavy Putters, Yes and some odyessy models.


How do I clean my Cork Tree leather grips?

We recommend you use a clean damp towel or ‘baby wipe’ (such as Johnson & Johnson) to wipe down your grip after each round. This will remove any dirt or oil that has built up surface. DO NOT use soaps or solvents to clean your Cork Tree leather grips otherwise this may damage the cork leather and will void product warranty.

Do I need to add treatments to the leather?

No. Cork Tree grips grips do not require any treatments added to them.


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