Golf has always been an industry where products are continuously being re-invented to better the game, make the game more fun and make it easier to play. Different manufacturing techniques and materials are always being tested and refined to ensure the new technology is proven and welcome in the game of golf. Some of these materials are created in labs by mixing various elements together while other materials may be found in your own backyard. Luckily for the founders of Cork Tree Putter Grips, their backyard happens to be a 500 acre family owned cork plantation so the art of creating quality cork leather products didn’t fall far from the cork tree.

So, why a cork putter grip? For one, it’s 100% natural. Right off the tree and into your hands. Plus, the honeycomb cell structure contains a 14-sided polyhedron filled with air making it an extremely strong and flexible membrane that is waterproof and airtight. Those attributes give the Cork Tree grips an amazing feel when your hands are hot or sweaty.

For the last couple years, I have transitioned to the larger (not too large) putter grips. The science behind the design is to loosen your hands for a more fluid putting stroke. For me it works and I won’t go back. The particular model I tested called the Stumpy (39mm top 41mm bottom diameter), was a tad larger than I am accustomed to but that didn’t hinder my view on the performance. When you see the different layers and textures of the grip you are blown away by how smooth the grip is. In my hands the grip feels soft but is firm. Meaning, when squeezed very hard there is a little give but it keeps its form. Playing in mostly warmer weather, my hands tend to sweat a little more. Being waterproof and airtight, the moisture wiped off the putter grip very easily and didn’t hinder the feel at all.

For those of us who have made the transition to larger putter grips the Cork Tree grip is a neat option. It looks great, is eco friendly and feels amazing. The price point  for the Stumpy model is $29.95 and is competitive for the larger putter grip market. If you want to transition to the larger grip but want to do it in baby steps, Cork Tree offers smaller versions of the grip as well


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