I recently recieved a Cork Tree Putter Grip, and I loved it so much I put it on my putter right away. The first thing you notice is that it is cork. I got the Stumpy version and it looks like other large grips, but it is much more effective. The cork leather provides a better experience than almost any other putter grip ever. The natural cork, and soft feel in the hands helps greatly in hot, sweaty conditions, especially when it is humid. With the grip not being able to slip, you can putt with less tension and have a better release of the putter. Also, dirt washes away easily with a wet cloth. Over twenty PGA tour players are currently using the Cork Tree Grip.

The recent winner of the Nedbank Cahmpionship in South Africa used the grip. Cork posseses a key ingredient called a honeycomb cell structure. Each of the cells have 14 sides and because it is filled with air, it is extremely strong and flexible. The first time I played with the grip I dropped two putts off my round average and the second time I used it I dropped off four putts! This thing is the real deal! You can find all there products over at www.corkputtergrips.com and see their Slim Jim grip, Bandit grip, Gimme grip, and the one I recieved, the Stumpy grip. Go out today and get one, you won’t regret it! (Huge thanks to Mary Beth Lacy for getting me this item and information to help with the review.

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