As we’ve stated in other golfing product reviews, we receive a lot of unusual items to test and review.  Some are right on as to a new product we believe will be accepted and some we have a doubt that it may not make it.  The Cork Tree putter grip is one we believe will make the cut and become a popular item for many golfers.

First off, it is light weight and absorbs mosture from the hands or the weather.  The tops of the putters come in four different colors, royal blue, black, red and hot pink.  The handle or grip is natural cork color.  And, they come in four different sizes; Bandit, Gimmie, Slim Jim and Stumpy.  We received the Stumpy and must admit it was not easy to fit in my golf bag, but nice for large hands. At this time, the on-line cost is $29.95, plus shipping and handling.  My local golf shop was able to install the grip and I’ve enjoyed playing with the larger grip.  However, we do like the lightness and dryness of the Cork Tree Putter Grip.  Believe it is a winner.

Secondly, this product comes from a company that is sensetive to and has a history of protecting the enviroment. It is the world’s first company to produce golf products in cork leather.  The company was co-founded by Nuno Nascimento and Marc Boggia. From an early age, Nascimento went with his grandfather to the Portuguese family cork oak forest learning all the tricks that nature presents. He studied and tested trees to find the best cork bark, and then transformed it into cork products suitable for commercialization.

Cork Tree mission is to maximize performance, increase confidence and ultimately improve putting statistics for every golfer using the Cork Putter Grips.  Cork Tree also strives to be a contributor to a more eco-friendly world and cork leather offers this while adding functionality, durability and quality.

Today, the Nascimento family continues to sell cork bark to the cork stopper industry from its own 1,236 acre cork plantation. Conscious of its hereditary property, The Cork Tree family continues to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in developing, protecting and maintenance of the properties. Beyond cleaning and fertilizing the cork oak forest, the plantation continues to grow with some 40,000 new cork trees being planted in the past eight years.

Boggia, an Englishman, has been a member of the British PGA since 1981. He’s a golf course owner, partner and creator of Asia’s largest indoor golf teaching facilities, managing director of a made-for-TV golf tournament, distributor of golf product and head instructor of the John Jacobs’ Golf Schools. As a youngster, he practiced, played and competed near the very cork forest that’s now become the source of raw material that fuels his business venture.

The Cork Tree’s golf bag was awarded the first place award at the Golf Europe 2013 show in the golf bag category and lead to the launch of the cork putter grips.

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