Cork putter grips. It’s not something that you see every day, but it’s something that sticks with you when you do see it.

There are plenty of options when it comes to custom putters — heck, there is even a huge market for custom putter covers. But, when it comes to putter grips, the options are limited to the usual industry players like Golfpride, Winn, and until recent product introductions there was the putter-only grip company Superstroke. While those companies offer quality grips that will undeniably enhance many players’ feel on the greens, none of them really scream “unique”.

That’s where Cork Tree is different.

Co-founded by Nuno Nascimento and Marc Boggia, Cork Tree uses the cork leather from the same Portuguese family cork oak forest that Nascimento would visit with his grandfather as a child. Cork Tree believes that cork is the perfect complement to leather in a grip and that the natural feel of the grip is virtually unmatched. After using the grip, it’s hard for me to disagree with that claim.

The feel of the Cork Tree putter grip is best described as natural, maybe even warm. It gave me a more connected feeling in my hands. It was softer. It felt more responsive. As it got warmer and my hands got more moist (Florida humidity is inescapable) the grip got tackier and easier to set up without readjusting my grip. Most synthetic grips  tend to keep moisture on them and need that constant wiping. I had to convince myself to stop doing that out of habit; it just wasn’t necessary.

Due to my little knowledge of cork putter grips, their construction or basic properties, I assumed that meant the moisture was being absorbed and it would show wear quickly. Wrong. A damp towel took the dirt and grime as well as the wear concerns away with a few wipes.

So, the Cork Tree cork putter grips feel great and perform even better, but that is really not the reason that I would buy them. At risk of jeopardizing my review credibility, I will honestly say that the overwhelming reason that I would buy these is that they just look cool. That’s it. They’re cool! It’s not something you see everyday, and if golf is as much of a social activity as it is a competitive sport, then it’s worth the conversations that it stirs.

Now down to brass tax — price. The four initial cork putter grips include the Slim Jim, Bandit, the Stumpy, and the Gimme. All four are priced at $29.95 and have color customization. More can be found out on the Cork Tree website.

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